Deadline Day

Unless you live in a cave, you can’t have missed that it was Transfer Deadline Day yesterday. Up until 11pm last night, football clubs were free to buy whoever they wanted to, now they must wait until January 1st when the window re-opens before they can sign for their team. The excitement and tension builds as we approach the deadline… who will sign who, will my team sign anyone. Clubs get desperate and spend stupid amounts of money on players they may not even need.

We face deadlines in our own lives. I used to hate the deadline of coursework. One of my worst traits is leaving things until the last possible moment and spent many a long night at University finishing an essay that was due in at 9am in the morning. Even in work, many years later, I still push things until the last possible second.

There’s one deadline, though, that none of us can afford to miss. A deadline day that the Bible calls Judgement Day. Jesus often emphasised the importance of being ready for this day. It’s a day when humanity will be divided in two and those who have trusted Jesus Christ will enjoy eternal joy with him and those who rejected Him will spend their lives in eternal hell. The only thing is, unlike Transfer Deadline Day, we don’t know when it will happen but Jesus promises that it is coming.

That means we all need to be ready for the greatest Deadline Day of all by putting our trust in Jesus.