Didn’t he do well?

It seems a week can’t go by without another celebrity death. This time, the much loved Bruce Forsyth is the one to come face to face with God. For a moment, everyone leaves a tribute on Facebook or Twitter, before life moves on to something more important.

Bruce was famous for his catchphrases (of which there were many). Things like “Good game, good game” or “Nice to see you, to see you… Nice”. One of his most popular catchphrases was “Didn’t he do well?”. If a contestant had done well on one of the gameshows he hosted, he exclaimed, “Didn’t he do well?”. Many of the obituaries of Forsyth focussed on this, using their column inches to show how Brucie had done well throughout his life. We can do the same. Thinking we’re ok, that we’ve done well.

The staggering, offensive truth of Christianity states that none of us have done well. It says that all of us have failed and all of us have fallen short of the standard that God expects – perfection. Even our best efforts are rubbish and as God’s Word says, there is no-one good, not even one. You see life, in one sense, isn’t to be judged by what one has done but rather who one has put their faith in. Even though I haven’t done well, my faith is in one who has. Jesus came and lived the perfect life I am incapable of living. He died on a cross, paying the price for my sins. 3 days later… He rose from the dead, crushing sin and hell and death in His path. And this is my only hope. Not in me doing well but in Jesus doing well.