Thriving at University

5 tips to help you thrive at University:

1. Choose your church within the first month and get involved.

It may seem strange that point one doesn’t have much to do with Uni but this is so so important. Having a spiritual family that you can be a part of outside of University is vital. It helps you get perspective (Uni campus can be one giant bubble) but it also helps you get the spiritual food you’ll need to thrive each week. Spend the first couple of weeks trying to suss out different churches and then choose one. Once you’ve chosen one, get involved.

2. Make your lectures your priority during the week

This sounds super obvious but it’s easy to spend hardly any time at Uni doing anything about the main reason you’re there. Once you’re involved in CU and other activities you’ll soon find it more fun to spend less time at lectures and doing the work you need to. Jesus tells us that we should do everything as if we are doing it for him. This includes lectures. Make them your priority.

3. Join the CU

The Christian Union helped me develop massively as a Christian. Firstly I saw that there were people who loved the Lord Jesus and loved his Word but went to different types of churches as I did. Some of these students became great friends and challenge me even now. Secondly, being part of the CU gives you a unique opportunity to proclaim the gospel to those on campus. Get involved and benefit spiritually.

4. Read good Christian books

One of my regrets of my time in Uni is that I didn’t read enough. I’m no bookworm but I had so much leisure time that I wasted. Find a good Christian book, find a good Christian friend to read it with and encourage each other. If you’re not sure what sort of book to start with, tweet us and we’ll try and help you out.

5. Make the most of student’s openness

One big difference between the workplace and the university campus is how open people are to talk about things and consider different views in University. The times in halls, while sometimes difficult, can results in wonderful conversations for the gospel. Make sure you may the most of the opportunities you’ll have. They won’t come again.