Book Review – Killing Calvinism (How to destroy a good theology from the inside)

If you’re looking for something to spend your Christmas money on, you could do worse than buy yourself a copy of Killing Calvinism (How to destroy a good theology from the inside) by Greg Dutcher. Any book that has John Piper, Matt Chandler and Thabiti Anyabwile among those that recommend it deserves to be read.

I must confess that it wasn’t the folks who had recommended the book that made me pick it up in the first place but rather it’s provocative title. Killing Calvinism?!

Dutcher’s main point throughout the book is that while Calvinism is Biblical Truth, many of it’s adherents put others off by their arrogance and pride and for some folk Calvinistic Theology has become an end in itself. Sound a little heavy? Well that’s one of the best bits of the book. Dutcher’s writing style is extremely easy to read. Like, really easy. I managed to read the whole book over two evenings.

The book consists of 8 shortish chapters of around 10 pages – all of which were challenging in their own little way. Two in particular spoke to me: 1) scoffing at the hang-ups other have with Calvinism and 2) losing an Urgency in Evangelism. It’s clear that I, and friends I know, shoot ourselves in the foot at many points. Reading through the book I squirmed uneasily as time and time again Dutcher painted a picture of myself so often. I (we) must make sure that we don’t make Theology and end in itself.

If you are the sort of person who understands Calvinism – then read this book.

“When we read our books, attend our conferences, and “Piper-up” our iPods, the primary goal must not be to gain a better understanding of 16th and 17th century doctrine. It must be to be blown out of the waster by the God who has chosen us in infinite mercy and wisdom”.

You can buy Killing Calvinism as a book or on your kindle.

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